Install Webmin Application on FreeBSD

Install Webmin Application on FreeBSD

Webmin is a web-based interactive tool used for remote administration work for UNIX & Linux systems. It is very useful tool for administrators.

To Install Webmin, First you need to update the ports

#portsnap fetch update

Execute Webmin command

# cd /usr/ports/sysutils/webmin

# make install clean

Configure Webmin the service

# vi /etc/rc.conf

Add following line


Save and close the file.You need to run the Script to setup various configure files

# cd /usr/local/lib/webmin/

# ./



*            Welcome to the Webmin setup script, version 1.570        *


Webmin is a web-based interface that allows Unix-like operating

systems and common Unix services to be easily administered.

Installing Webmin in /usr/local/lib/webmin …


Webmin uses separate directories for configuration files and log files.

Unless you want to run multiple versions of Webmin at the same time

you can just accept the defaults.

Log file directory [/var/log/webmin]: (Default press Enter Button)


Webmin is written entirely in Perl. Please enter the full path to the

Perl 5 interpreter on your system.

Full path to perl (default /usr/bin/perl): (Default press Enter Button)

Testing Perl …

Perl seems to be installed ok


Operating system name:    FreeBSD

Operating system version: 8.0


Webmin uses its own password protected web server to provide access

to the administration programs. The setup script needs to know :

– What port to run the web server on. There must not be another

web server already using this port.

– The login name required to access the web server.

– The password required to access the web server.

– If the webserver should use SSL (if your system supports it).

– Whether to start webmin at boot time.

Web server port (default 10000): (Default press Enter Button)

Login name (default admin): (Default press Enter Button)

Login password: (Type the password )

Password again: (Type the password )

Use SSL (y/n):  (Type if you want SSL press y or n)


Creating web server config files..


Creating access control file..


Creating start and stop scripts..


Copying config files..


Changing ownership and permissions ..


Running postinstall scripts ..

PID file /var/log/webmin/ does not exist

: Permission denied

syslog-ng: not found

: Permission denied


Enabling background status collection ..

PID file /var/log/webmin/ does not exist


To start the Webmin service.

# /usr/local/etc.rc.d/webmin start

Run any browser, type the server name or IP with respective of  :10000.


Login page.



2 Responses to “Install Webmin Application on FreeBSD”

  1. hello i get this problem PID file /var/log/webmin/ does not exist what i have to do to fix it because the Webmin dont start i can login in http://myip:1000
    Can you help me please !

    • Hi Kelloo,

      As you mentioned http://myip:1000 won’t work for 1000 port try with your ip http:\\ip:10000.
      To check the service run this command
      #ps -aux | grep webmin

      You can start the service by running this command
      #/usr/local/etc/rc.d/webmin start

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